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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Weatherman Stan Captain Absurd

For your eyes only: This is a security class five birthday announcement....

This is a security class five birthday announcement.

You must eat this entry within thirty seconds of reading it.

One of the friends of this LJ has a top secret birthday today. The information about whom this person is is on a strictly need-to-know basis. Therefore, out of the six billion+ people on the earth, I am restricting this information to only those who have internet access.

Under cover of the previous emmabovary birthday announcement, today it is announced, the birthday of prolixfootle. Repeat: Today is the birthday of prolixfootle. All interested personel should report to prolixfootle's secret LJ page and post birthday wishes under cover of their secret LJ codename.

Remember: this message is a security class five birthday announcement and must be eaten within thirty seconds of receiving it to prevent the dissemination of this information to unauthorized parties. This message may be decorated with candles and flavored with frosting, prior to disposal...if that's your sort of thing...

Remember: This message must be eaten within thirty seconds of receipt. prolixfootle's birthday is on a need-to-know basis only.

End transmission.

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He never tells me when his birthday is, the scamp! I'm going to send him an email right now!

You have to understand

It's all part of the Footle mystique. He's attempting to develop a Cult of Personality. Just right now it's still in the Obscure Sect of Fond Friends phase.

I'm just trying to fulfill the requirements imposed by the Society of Heroically Inconsequential Troglodytes. I'm a charter member, you know.

The footle page says that he is 26! Somehow I'd thought that he was 60-something.


For the record, I am now The Ultimate Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything thankyouverymuch.

Oh my...you should not have done that...

I now shudder to read the next installment in The Renaissance Agency saga...

Re: Oh my...you should not have done that...

Now I'm confused. Is he 26 or 42?
No idea what the Renaissance Agency is either.

Re: Oh my...you should not have done that...

It's a treat. Read Mr. Footle's page, and see! You'll find the Renaissance Agency in the memories. It's a free-form serial fiction whose characters are based upon LJ friends. Mr. Footle has a talent for character.

prolixfootle is a few months younger than I.

You sir...



... but thanks all the same.

You don't think that I want to be the sole LJ'er in this group whose age happens to be The Ultimate Answer do you? I think not!

Happy Birthday, and many glorious returns of the occasion!

how did you get that thingy to move across the bottom like that?

Use the <marquee> tag.

Horrors. I may have corrupted yet another innocent internet user...

you are such a smart-ass

i suppose that's what makes you so lovely and charming

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