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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Sindbad Captain Exuberant

Sex and the Single (Adult) Male: Oh Please

I just finished reading an article in the Toronto Star about The Death of the Double Entendre. It's an amusing article, and one that has written the obituary of that fine literary device a tad presumptuously. Wit, subtlety, irony and the venerable double entendre may indeed be on the retreat during this surge of sophomoric sensibilities washing through the culture, but they are far from dead. One of the subtle pleasures of being forty-three is enjoying how ridiculous twenty-somethings look when they behave as if they personally invented sex. The columnist, a newly-minted befuddled "fuddy" named Ryan Bigge, has this to say of two items of hip new (is he kidding?) insider carnal knowledge (and if you're under 30, you probably missed the double entendre in that line):
Through an act of journalistic subterfuge (Google), I have since learned that More Cowbell is a slow-burning Saturday Night Live catchphrase from April 2000. As for The Shocker? It's a boudoir technique of which I can say little more, since this is still a family newspaper. Suffice to say, according to Josh Abramson, one of the founders of collegehumour.com interviewed by Mead, "No one over the age of 25 knows what it means, but I guarantee you that ninety per cent of college students know what it is." Call it sex ed for the new generation.
Oh please, Mr. Abramson, I know perfectly well what "The Shocker" is, and I'm not even a school administrator, with my fingers in the pie of the youth subculture. Frankly, it's only about 30% as fun as a Venus Butterfly, or so I would imagine, not being the proper sex to personally experience or evaluate either of these delightful and no doubt venerable techniques, first hand, as it were. I'd be tempted to bet heavily that the adage "teaching your grandmother to suck eggs" would probably fly right over the head of Mr. Abramson. I would suggest he spend some time with the lady. He might learn something.

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Does all that mean that you are not a fan of interspecies erotica?

Sorry, I saw Clerks II yesterday and as you might expect, it is not very subtle.

"...i told ya i'd shoot, but you didn't believe me...why didn't you believe me?!?"

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