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Important safety tips

Things for software engineers with screwdrivers to remember:

  1. Do not plug newly constructed untested devices into the power outlet in your cubicle. You need power for most of your productivity and a fried outlet will throw a monkey wrench into your workflow.

  2. When wiring up a new device, it is important to check the board connection on the power cable to ascertain that hot and neutral have not been transposed.

  3. When plugging in an untested device, it is better to ascertain that it will not smoke before plugging in the serial cable connecting it to your valuable computer. RS-232 is notoriously non-surge resistant.

  4. When involved in a power mishap, a couple hundred dollar motherboard will protect the breaker on a computer power supply by blowing up before the breaker can trip.

  5. Back up your work to the server frequently.

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