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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Make no mistake where you are

It rained in the Bay Area last night. Fall is officially here. It was good to hear the sound of rain on my roof. This morning, the sky was a tangle of sunlight and white and gray clouds of all sorts and shapes. There was a rainbow north of Livermore and I saw another on the Dublin Grade coming into work. I never saw so many rainbows until I came to California. I can do without the lower temperatures. I finally turned my furnace on. After resolving not to turn the thing on until November, I spent the last two days of October with late evening and early morning temperatures in my house at around 60° F. Brr. The air smelled great today, like fallen leaves. Damn, but I love that smell. Fortunately, it wasn't chilly today. Downtown Alameda is all screwed up with construction by the theater and there was something going on at the library today, so I had to walk a couple blocks from where I parked to the taco shop and Peets Coffee. I got a bit dampened in the sprinkling that started up on my way back to the car.

I saw an interesting license plate this morning: AXNHOZ. Obviously, this is someone who gets horny watching slasher flicks, or a fireman, possibly. Heh. On the radio this morning, KFOG played a band named Muse, whom the music director claims sounds like Radiohead, or Keane. That made me grin. The tune of theirs they played, "Starlight," off of their fourth CD, is pretty good. I'll have to keep an ear out for them. Another "new" group being played on KFOG is The Damnwells. I've been looking for their tune "Golden Days" all over the place. I love the melody and the lyrics.

Am I in tune,
Yeah I can't hear much,
But the melody coming from you,
Baby, please don't rush,
Keep the tempo slow and cool,
Let me hear the words you say,
Let's go and get tangled,
In chains of golden days

Golden Days
The Damnwells

It's been an interesting couple of weeks, to finish out October. I was supposed to go meet lucylovebiscuit in San Francisco last Friday but I couldn't make it. My friend Tom ended up in the hospital, thinking that he was dying of heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, it was neither of those things, according to the hospital -- they ruled those out early. They sent him home on Wednesday. So far, I've heard no explanation for the dizziness and nausea. Perhaps it was a blood sugar crash or inner ear infection. Apparently, not all of the tests are back. Tom suffers rare periods of disorientation and mild incoherence. That's a spooky thing to see. Growing old is a very disturbing process. I was tempted to put a bug in the nurse's ear and let her know about those episodes...but it's Tom's business and he may have already mentioned it to the doctor. They were already testing him for vein and artery blockage. Neither me, Robert, nor Don really wanted to intrude our two cents into where we haven't been invited, but it is worrisome. He seemed a lot better Thursday and Friday, very much like his old familiar self, even driving himself to Pete's, even though Robert and I told him that either of us could give him a ride if he didn't feel like driving.

I've finally managed to put a new 120GB drive into this computer. It's needed the upgrade for a long time. After I get this one reinstalled with all of my applications, I'll replace the other 60GB drive with a 160 GB drive that I bought Wednesday at Fry's. The ex calls Fry's "Nerdtopia". They've got everything geeks, nerds, and tech-heads need, except love...but they do have pop and junk food! Anyway, given that the drive I'm replacing was my system drive, I've been down almost all week. That's inconvenient. I've been posting and commenting from work. I still haven't got everything back up and running, including the McGuffin development environment. I need to finish taking care of that this week.

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I really like Fry's, though my geekery is more about how they're all themed differently. What's the design theme of the one near you?

The Fry's Electronics in Sacramento, Walnut Creek, and San Jose are all "themed" as "Tech-Geek Warehouse". I hadn't noticed a theme other than that.

No I'm really not. The one in Burbank I think is "Alien Invasion". The one in Woodland Hills is "Alice in Wonderland..."

Maybe it's just the ones in LA?

That sounds like something only L.A. does. There's nothing like that at the ones in Northern California. They're all "Post-modern big-box warehouse.

Aww, see? That sucks, cause the themed ones are *really* cool.

I'm sorry you couldn't make it out, but I'm glad your friend is doing okay. The first two bands were kinda lame, but the Detroit Cobras kicked ass. Three of the band members are girls.

I too have been having technical problems since I got back. It seems like everytime I go out of town for more than a few days my DSL decides to crap out. I got a new modem the other day, but I screwed something up when I was trying to bridge it to my wireless, and now I can't access the modem at all! So I can only get online at work these days. Feh.

Heh heh, sounds familiar!

Our employers should cover the cost of our home PC's to keep productivity up. Heh. I was wondering where you'd been. I was beginning to fear that the alien implant theory was right and that you had been abducted and taken away for study. It's good to hear from you.

Yeah, it finally rained here too. I like the weather just before the rain, it's so nice. The raining weather though, I can take or leave it, but it was nice last night.

Muse doesn't sound like Radiohead though. They are so much heavier than that.

I've only heard that one tune from them.

I thought the piece they played, "Starlight" sounded like Keane. Maybe some of their other stuff sounds Radiohead-influenced.

I'd have read that license plate as "Axin' hoes," but I do love the occasional slasher film (as long as there's nudity).

I hope Tom is alright!

Fry's sounds like Nerdtopia to me! Unfortunately, the nearest one is in Indiana, which is a long drive from northern New Jersey.

He seems fine now. He had previously come down with a virulent cold, and may have suffered an inner ear infection which caused his balance to go haywire.

They are complete Nerdtopia. They're a huge warehouse store with electronics (all kinds), techie-gizmos, computers, software, media, some appliances... Most techie people could comfortably move in and live there. Heh.

ooh! I love those lyrics. Who are The Damnwells? I must google them.

I am glad your friend is ok. It is always so hard to know how far to step in and or to allow privacy with our cherished friends.

I love Fry's. it's true in LA they have crazy themed stores. They are really fun! You sort of feel like you fell down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland or something!

Somehow, I thought you'd like that tune.

I've seen the theme of Golden Days turn up here and there in things you've written. Check out the full lyrics for the tune yourself and see:

Lyrics for The Damnwells: "Golden Days"

The Damnwells Myspace page.

I was busy in October trying to soak up what was left the sun. It's funny how the onset of the dreary cold and rainy days corresponded with the time change.
I am hosting a big LSU Alumni party on Saturday afternoon. I keep chanting, "Rain, Rain Go Away.."

Glad to hear your friend is okay. Watching someone get old (ex. parents) is painful.

Mortality is the pits.

Yes, I know what you mean. Watching the parents, and previously, the grandparents, get older is somewhat disturbing.

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