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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Who the hell is Rachel Ray?

I have actually been forced by circumstances to halt my pondering of things that I might write about in here, but won't in order to ponder something that has suddenly come up. That which has suddenly come up is Rachel Ray. Great Hod, from where did this instant celebrity come? Yesterday, I was in the grocery store and on impulse, I picked up a box of Ritz Crackers. On the box of Ritz Crackers is the smiling face of this rather pretty brunette whose cookbook of thirty minute meals Nabisco is offering their customers. Okay. I've never heard of her. No doubt, I thought to myself, that she is some Lifestyle TV insta-personality that has achieved a semi-cult status. Whatever. I didn't think about her again until this evening, when I sat down to read Lew Rockwell's site, as I do on an almost daily basis.

I was surprised to find an article on Rachel Ray on Lew Rockwell's site. This article compares Ms. Ray very unfavorably with the State, of all things! Geeze! To a libertarian anarcho capitalist like myself, that's a pretty harsh condemnation! I began to wonder what in the world this poor woman has done to rouse such ire. Does she poison her guests? Does she espouse socialized medicine? Does she douse neighborhood pets in lighter fluid and immolate them? Has she been photographed drunkenly copulating with another celebrity in a prominent public fountain somewhere? I read the bill of indictment laid out in the article and came to see that perhaps the lady has a few idiosyncrasies about her. Perhaps her show is not very entertaining. I still couldn't see how this woman merited an article in an anti-state, anti-war, free-market webzine/blog, even if the article was written by a high school kid.

The article on Rockwell's site was very informative. From there I learned that there is a drinking game based upon this woman's show(s). Moreover, there is a community on LJ dedicating itself to reviling this poor creature in her infamy. It's called rachael_ray_sux. At this point, I visited the community to see what they had to say about the woman. From their info page, I learned that this Rachel Ray has posed for a publication called For Him Magazine. Following links in the Rachel hate-ahs community, I found out that from her pics in For Him Magazine that she's, well, kind of "Yumm-o," to quote one of her own apparently much-reviled coinages. She has a lovely smile, pretty eyes, a nice physique. It's not great pr0n -- I'm a bit more jaded and kinky than that -- but really, what's not to like? Of course, not being a television watcher, I've never seen one of her shows nor even heard what her voice sounds like, but this kind of celebrity popularity/infamy just confuses me. Why get so involved over someone you don't know and who has no real impact in your life?

There's a community founded to despise this gal? Good gravy, why? What's she done to anyone? I don't get this phenomenon. Why is it that people join together in fellowship just to despise someone they don't even know? Sheesh, I could see not respecting her opinions on politics or economics or history or a world of other topics, if her opinions are bad ones, but these people seem to despise this lady just because they consider her television shows banal. I don't get it. There are hundreds of television shows saturating the airwaves. I figure if you have to watch television but don't like Rachel Ray, then watch something else. I couldn't imagine wasting the creative time and energy to put together and maintain a community dedicated to someone for whom I had disdain. How odd.

I once read something by a libertarian thinker and author named Peter McWilliams. It was in a book called You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought. Now I frequently splurge on such luxuries myself, but I am a firm believer in economizing, where it makes sense to do so. I at least can admit that McWilliams is right, no matter how often I fail to live up to such a standard. It takes a lot of energy to maintain a negative mindset about something. Frequently, I express contempt of certain ideas and disdain for some who espouse them, but it takes a pile of energy to work up a real hate or despise a person. More importantly, focusing on negatives is a focus on that which is essentially non-existent. Like philosopher Michael Miller says, it is important to focus on the things that really exist. It does no good to focus on non-values, on bad ideas, and on despising people for what they are not. At any rate, I don't think I've ever really managed it for very long with respect to particular individuals, even though this has not kept me out of cantankerous altercations when I want to indulge in them. I just can't be bothered to actually despise the people with whom I disagree -- most of the time. Like Captain Jack Sparrow said, "It's more of a guideline..." When all is said and done though, I don't get why anyone would waste their time and energy despising someone, especially someone who hasn't done anything to them.

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Well stated! We don't have time to worry about the negatives when there are so many positives out there to pursue!

As for Rachel Ray herself, I found her to be a bit annoying after a while, but her recipes are pretty darn tasty.

I have a few suspicions...

I have the sneaking suspicion that Rachel Ray makes it, her fame, her cooking, her looks, etc, look easy, as if these "gifts" just fell on her out of the sky and that she didn't have to earn them. I suspect that this belief about her, that she's not really "special," or gifted, and has her success even though she's "ordinary" causes other "ordinary" people who are not successful to feel really inadequate. Perhaps they figure that if someone whom they hold in contempt can have success, it reflects extra-badly on themselves that they don't. One doesn't hate Bill Gates or Donald Trump in the same way one hates Rachel Ray. Such thinking is rather perverse, but I've seen it before.

My mother used to say, "some people aren't happy unless they are unhappy." It took me years to understand what she meant. After I met my in-laws, I finally got it.

I don't personally understand the phenomenon, but I have met so many people that would be bereft if not for having something to complain about. I no longer waste my breath trying to point out to them what a waste of energy, time, strength, intelligence and "spirit" this behavior represents.

I now simply ignore the rants and complaints. I am probably now perceived as less than courteous sometimes, but I no longer have the patience for inane conversation about someone that I will never meet and that will never have any affect on my existence whatsoever.

Isn't Ms. Ray some cooking show personage? Egad, watching a cooking show is once rung up from watching paint dry, as far as I'm concerned. The only thing more boring could only be blogging about my dislike for cooking shows.

I don't know...a dislike of cooking shows could be interesting and/or entertaining. Of course, if discussing such a dislike doesn't entertain you then it's probably not worth blogging about, as you say. Nevertheless, I like looking at how people think about things. Having a dislike for some activity isn't quite the same as having disdain for some celebrity figure, as I'm sure you know.

Arachnid Captalism

A large part of this is Antifeminism. The zero sum game whackos think that any successful woman is depriving a mon of income. There are plenty of TV star men who have grating voices and non-intellectual vocabularies, but they aren't villefied.

Re: Arachnid Captalism

It's possible that the feminist angle has some merit in this instance too, but then, there are apparently women who can't stand her either. I suspect it has more to do with what people perceive as her "easy" success. She makes it look easy, and then a certain segment of the population hates her because her success makes them feel inadequate. Of course, that's a lot of speculation, as I've never seen more of this unfortunate than her picture. It just strikes me as weird.

Re: Arachnid Captalism (Anonymous) Expand
It's probably no surprise to you that Lew Rockwell's website is one of my daily stops, and I was rather confused when I read that piece. I'm a fan of the Food Channel in general; I enjoy Alton Brown's "Good Eats," and loved the original Iron Chef. While I'm not really a fan of Rachael Ray, I don't know what she might have done to arouse a libertarian's ire.

I have a thought on that...

It's a high school kid. Maybe Lew is trying to encourage him, as a writer.

(Deleted comment)

Well, as a parent of two myself...

I can tell you that hyperbole is very popular among adolescents.

I was wondering aloud just 2 days ago as to why, inexplicably, Rachael Ray's photo was suddenly on *everything*.

My only objection to her is not her fault- but I really wish someone would smack her parents one over spelling her name that way.

But it is too bad that all the photos of her look almost identical.

Her parents may be blameless.

Maybe Rachel Ray is a stage name.

I've never heard of her either. And I agree with the energy draining ability of negative thoughts.

Interesting you mention Peter. I was so impressed by his speech at the LP National convention that I joined them and are more closely affiliated with them, than any other 'party'.

I've read his book "Ain't nobody's business if you Do" and conversed with him frequently via email, especially toward the end of his life when he was murdered by the Federal Court Prosecutor who oversaw his case. I also knew and had met and medicated with both Todd McCormick and Renee Boje, the latter now living in Vancouver (last I heard).

Peter made a great impression by allowing me to see the logic of moving the dialog from the streets and protests, to the town halls and legislatures

Indeed, what was done to McWilliams was a travesty of justice. His case, and several other prominent cases really illuminate how pathetically desperate the Drug Warriors have become to exercise petty tyranny. Such banal, petty, spiteful persecutions illuminate the true nature of the Drug War. It's not just about controlling "drugs"; it's about controlling human beings.

Rachel Ray is Martha Stewart's new competition!

Martha Stewart is in a class by herself.

I think Rachel Ray is probably out-gunned by Stewart in every category except cheesecake.

I've heard a little of her, since my mother watches the Food Channel. But I'm shocked that an entire LJ community has arisen just to vilify her. I haven't heard one thing even approaching a scandal about her. I feel totally clueless. That community reminds me of the Halo 2 Sucks website, which I wonder is still around.

rachel ray is much too perky for me.
give me the hard hand of bobby flay on my back side any day :)

Perky isn't necessarilly as perky does

That's a snap judgement. Very often it is those cute girls next door who are found to have all sorts of fascinatingly delicious, kinky, hidden twists in their souls, once you get to know them.

This makes me sad. I like Rachael Ray. Although, I admit, like low-fat wheat triscuits, she was an acquired taste.

As for why people do that - people have a need to belong and some people just get off on negativity.

Rachel Ray is like Martha Stewart, except Perky and Nice. So I guess some people find her even more vile.

Me, I like her.

There is a Rachel Ray that I am considering suing. I'm pretty sure it's not the same. This one is a co-owner (and spouse) of a lawyer who owns me money for work done.

Note regarding evil_genius:


Re: Note regarding evil_genius:

Heh heh, you may have a point.

I'm a bit more jaded and kinky than that

oh, really?

Well, it's like this...

Yeah, really.

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