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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Weatherman Stan Captain Absurd

Run like hell

Today on the road, I saw a candy-apple red Plymoth minivan with the license plate "ONFIYAA". I have no idea why people would pay the damned State just to have their mandated liscense say what they want it to say, but some of them are funny.

Holy politically incorrect, Batman. Today, while reading Lew Rockwell's Page, I learned that the BBC News website reported on a study suggesting that housework lowers a woman's chances of getting breast cancer. I am keeping an eye on the news. If I hear that feminists have firebombed the BBC offices, I shall not be surprised at all. Hey, ladies, we didn't come up with all of this chauvinism on our own; Mother Nature helps. Mom always did like us better. *snerk*

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For the life of me I can't understand why housework would lower one's risk of cancer, unless there's something in the Lysol. Hmm.

As for personalized plates, I wouldn't have one. They're too easy to remember. What if you want to rob a bank? Do you really want to drive off with a plate like GOMEZ, which any 6-year-old could recall?

(And what does ONFIYAA mean?)

I'd be more positive about personalized plates (though my wife has them) if they weren't censored.

Presumably, ONFIYAA is a stylized way of saying "on fire."

That's the conclusion to which I came as well.

Bank Robbery for Fun and Proffit. Chapter 12: Getaway Vehicles

Eschew vanity plates of all kinds. Use obscure plates having a maximum number of unmemorably sequenced characters and numerals, preferably stolen from another vehicle, just before the job.

Maybe housework, as defined by them, gets you in the zone where you are practically meditating while doing repetitive tasks. Or perhaps these women are a self-selected group, and those who do housework enjoy it and are therefore calm souls happily attending to the physical needs of the home.

Or... the study is run by chauvinist pigs who need to DIE, DIE, DIE!

But I don't feel that way. My wonderful inamorato does his share of the cooking, dishwashing, taking out of garbage... the rest of the stuff we just ignore because we're too busy making love.

Well, I'd probably ignore a hell of a lot more than I do, myself, were that option available to me at present. Heh heh.

Actually, I'd wager that housework is probably good for the health of women AND men. At any rate, it hardly sounds like a very scientific study and difficult to take seriously as such. It doesn't control for other factors like maybe the fact that if someone is at home cooking the entire household eats better or the relatively lower stress level of a person who works at home etc. The writers should be flogged for abuse of statistics.

Flogging those who abuse statistics

1) Some of them might actually like it, so it would just encourage them.
2) That would be an awfully big job.

Re: Flogging those who abuse statistics

2) That would be an awfully big job.

Hey, they said moderate exercise was good for us chicks. Beats beating rugs. I guess I'd have to take my time about it...

Re: Flogging those who abuse statistics

I can see it now: Hordes of nebbishy guys following you around, claiming to be statisticians and begging you to flog them. *snerk*

go read my most recent post, and it will explain the "coldplay" remark...

Quite interesting, anyway, just letting you know I am reading.

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