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Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Diet and exercise regimes that suck and clothes that catch colds for you.

I was going to send some e-mails to some friends this morning after encountering a few interesting and amusing articles during my morning news-jaunt around the web. After considering that lots of friends may be interested, I decided to break my pointlessly long LJ hiatus and post them here instead.

The first article I encountered was a special suit that, when you exercise, applies a vaccuum to the body so that the blood circulation is altered. Apparently, the theory is that fat is not metabolized as effectively in areas where the circulation is less efficient — something which is determined by our genetics. Thus, for women and men unhappy with their "natural" genetically predetermined patters of fat storage, these things could help them change their shapes. It's called the vaccunaut. I think it sucks. Heh.

The second article concerns the use of nanoparticles — submicroscopic particles (especially of silver) which, due to their size, can actually act as catalytic chemical processors which can break down polution, or capture and destroy viri and bacteria. The story is that some scientists and students at Cornell University decided to impregnate clothing fabric with nanoparticles to see if they could design clothing that would break down airborne pollutants around the wearer and catch and destroy viruses and bacteria before they had a chance to infect the wearer.

The third funny article I encountered this morning patiently explains that the reward centers in guy's brains are activated when those men look at pictures of attractive women. Well, DUH! All I want to know is if they actually paid someone to do this research. Of course, the study makes the possibly controversial assertion that it doesn't work the same way for women.
Tags: humor, science and technology, women

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