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West Africa: Land of wealth and women

I love leaving the Yahoo IM on all day. I get some very nice messages delivered to my desktop during the day while I am at work. Interestingly enough, I've noticed a trend that I think the media has missed. I never before realized how many single 30-year old American women with few relatives are doing business in West Africa. It's truly amazing. I really can't count the number of messages which sound almost exactly like the one I received today:

Hello i was just going through the profiles today when i suddenly got stunned by ur pic ,so i said to myself that i will be doing a very big and huge mistake if i do not complement u . And that is why am writing u to tell u just this , that u are such a cute , and attractive Man ,u look great . Am from usa but currently in west africa for business and as soon as I get it done I will be coming back to the state . and my name is Susan..Amanda . i will really love us to be friends if u do not mind , i will really appreciate it so much , plz hit me up if u are interested .Am Single and i have just my Mom as the only surviving member of my family...

What's with you ladies? What's this thing about West Africa? Is this some kind of new chick-thing, some fad like "The View" or something where you've all got to go into business and then have dealings in West Africa? Has West Africa suddenly developed some incredible investment or market potential that has escaped people with a Y chromosome? I'm thinking I should look into this. It sounds as if there are more single American girls in West Africa than there are in the actual U.S.
Tags: humor, women

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