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and the ivy coiled around my hands

Sometimes I draw weird parallels and analogies and metaphors. It's a very useful talent to have when one writes software. Tonight I'm sitting here at my desk and chilling out. It's been a long day. At any rate, I was thinking about that old funny quote about corruption: "I either want less corruption or more of an opportunity to participate in it." I forgot the proper attribution. At any rate, I realized that sometimes I get in the kind of mood where I can say the same thing about love. I've met some very intriguing and attractive women in my span of years. Sometimes, the potential for what I could have had, could have, perhaps with a bit of effort and circumstantial breaks, weighs on me. I try to avoid thinking in terms of what I do not have, because that is a focus upon that which is non-existent, an absence of value, not a value itself, but nevertheless... sometimes I feel a certain doubt about it being better to have loved and lost. Ah well, it is a devil I know. He'll shut up after a good night's sleep.

My day job has announced that the company is restructuring the ownership, which is really a good thing, because one of the original founders died a year or so ago and his daughters really didn't have a good vision for where we should go so we're buying them out. I don't think it's going to negatively impact anyone's job, and it may turn out better for the company. It's going to be interesting to see if they can pull this off.

Tom and I went to a meeting with a real estate developer over at a club in Oakland after work. More investment potential. He's going to hook us up with some people who might be interested in investing. He's kind of a fun individual, he talks like a real estate developer, very blue-sky oriented. Maybe not the best prospect for us, but it's too early to tell.
Tags: introspection, love, ponderings and curiosity

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