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Well, I hadn't exactly planned to be anywhere near this busy...

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I guess that California has finally decided to get serious about it being summer. We've had quite a spate of unseasonably cool days for the past month or so. Yesterday the sun was out and shining and surprisingly enough, the sky also had some nice cumulous clouds in it, for scenery. The blower in my car has been kaput for about a year now, so I drive around with the windows down a bit, enjoying the fresh air.

I didn't go to work at my day job in the morning. Much of the morning and early afternoon was occupied with taking my car to the nearest Mitsubishi dealership in San Jose for an appointment to perform two items of recall work on it. Due to the fact that I hardly ever call in sick or with other emergencies, my employers tend to be very understanding when I do find myself in need of time to address things such as ugent car maintenance. One of the recall items needing done was the replacement of a fan controller. It was beginning to be rather urgent, in that the cooling fan seemed to be a bit erratic in when it turned on or off. It began acting even more erratic over the weekend which is why I felt I should no longer put the work off. Fortunately, the condition had not yet reached the point where it had caused any engine overheating problems, but it was beginning to threaten it.

I love driving, most of the time. The scenery driving south on 680 down to San Jose is fantastic and the weather today was cooperating beautifully. KFOG's 10@10 show was spinning some great tunes from 1983 on the radio, and I was singing along. It was one of those drives where one wishes one owned a convertible.

Unfortunately for me, the car work took enough time that I was not able to go to lunch before I had to dash up 880 to Hayward to meet Robert and Don for the ride over to Palo Alto in Don's van. Don, Tom, Robert, and I had a meeting with David, our patent lawyer starting at 3:00. There was also another party there, who may be interested in getting involved with our company. We filled him in on the details of Trigger, a project whose "non-code name" is Gate Hyper-Drive. It is essentially a method and device implementation for driving power semiconductor gates at frequencies at least an order of magnitude faster than the state of the art currently permits. It also cuts the device state transition times to fractions of what the present technology allows, thus being a major improvement in efficiency and allowing leaner, cheaper, designs which waste far less energy in useless heat production. The technology was discovered in the pursuit of McGuffin and we realized that we could patent and profit from it prior to ever seeing any kind of return from McGuffin itself. We've got some interesting prospects lined up to whom we are going to pitch the technology. Some of these people are fascinating and outrageously successful entrepreneurs with whom I am dying to talk. Our meeting with David today was to demonstrate the technology for him, answer questions, and receive some advice on how to begin marketing and negotiating deals on it. We also met Paul, the "other party," a retired participant in the Silicon Valley electronics industry who may be interested in assisting us with introductions.

The meeting went well, although our attorney has once again given us some more unanticipated homework. It puts a small speed-bump in our course of action, but fortunately, the information he requested is not too difficult to round up and deliver to him, and he will have more advice for us once he has evaluated it. He spent much of the afternoon questioning us and discussing these matter, which he regards as important to resolve. Ah well, diligence and thoroughness are essential characteristics in a lawyer, and if he did not task us as much as he does then we would certainly be the worse off for want of tutelage and guidance. We are fortunate indeed to have such quality talent available to us, plus he is a nice guy and entertaining conversation to boot.

We have an enormous learning curve in putting our company together and getting it to a place where we can see profitability. There is so much to learn and none of us are really experts. I've been attacking the articles of incorporation and the by-laws, attempting to get our T's crossed and I's dotted so that we can operate in a more business-like fashion. I put in an order for a copy of Roberts Rules of Order at Amazon, in hopes of making our board meetings more focused, productive, and streamlined. Since the four of us are the only board members, and with the addition of David's firm, the only stockholders, this is not too much of an issue as of yet, but it will only become more and more important as we enter into dealings with outside parties. There is a lot more involved in getting a company together and making it run than someone who has never tried it would be inclined to think. I'm trying to get a handle on my duties as corporate secretary, although recently, being the one most interested, I have been acting chair of our meetings, despite the fact that Tom is our President. I've taken it upon myself to educate my compatriots in the implementation and usage of Roberts Rules and the ins and outs of our by-laws, before additions to the number of stockholders or board members renders the task more urgent.

We broke up in Palo Alto sometime just after six, and I returned home around 7:00, after stopping at The Clown (a.k.a. McDonalds) for some fast food. I ate clown-chow for breakfast and supper yesterday. After dinner, I cleaned up some issues on the computer, chatted a bit and read my friends page. Heh. It occurs to me that my insistence upon reading what everyone else has written, and commenting on it, is why I am only just now, at 2:00 AM the next day, just getting around to putting in my own day's events. Discipline...and planning. I've really got to keep working on those two things.
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