Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion) (montecristo) wrote,
Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Salt Point Expedition 2002 August 1 - 9

Day 5

I'm writing by lantern light. We spent the rest of the day going up the coast looking for good places to abalone dive. Crystal didn't see anything she liked. We went up as far as a beach on the northern Sonoma County border. I got some good pictures. I set the timer and got into a whole-family shot at the beach. I've been in my sweat-shirt over my "lumberjack" flannel shirt for most of the day, except for a couple of warm sunny stretches. We've all got sun and/or wind burn on our hands and faces. On the way back, Jackie made us stop at the Sea Ranch Lodge gift shop so that she could look around. She bought a hat for her friend Dimetria, the girl who is hamster-sitting for us. Further on down the road we stopped to take some pictures of some llamas. There were three of them. They were very tame and friendly and they came up to the fence by the side of the road so we could pet them. That was pretty cool. As we came back into Salt Point Crystal stopped to check out Fisk Mill Cove but was disappointed in that spot as well. I think she's thinking of giving up on the abalone this year or until she can get someone to give her some advice and pointers. We didn't get back until 7:30 PM and the evening land "breeze" (wind, is more like it) made cooking on the propane stove problematical. I started a fire in the fire ring and Crystal finished cooking the enchiladas over that. I was really hungry. I think I was catching a bit of sugar-crash as I was queasy, shaky, and had a headache, but it went away when the enchilada started filling me up. Between the falling temperatures and the wind, the girls wanted to bury themselves in their sleeping bags but Crystal and I talked them into going over to the restroom to clean up and get in their pajamas. Unlike other nights, we did not read from the little notebook in which I have been keeping these entries for later transcription. The western horizon has now faded to a barely perceptible pink glow that is fast fading to black. There are a billion stars out. Crystal wants to go paddle around Fort Ross Beach tomorrow if she can't find an experienced abalone diver with whom to buddy up. We'll see what develops. Now it's time for some shut-eye. Camping is much fun but quite a bit of work. Due to the chill and exertions 9:30 PM does not look like too early to sack out.

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