Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion) (montecristo) wrote,
Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

Salt Point Expedition 2002 August 1 - 9

Day 6

Dinner started early tonight, around 6:30 PM. Crystal may have given up on cooking with the propane stove although I suggested that she stop cooking on top of the "cabinets" attached to the end of the picnic tables and move down to the table surface where she can turn the stove back to the wind. Dinner was potatoes and barbequed chicken cooked in foil over the coals in the fire ring. I'm getting better and better with building the fires. We haven't used the charcoal for two days now. I came back from the store this afternoon with a pint of strawberry ice cream and a bottle of Coke. We also bought eggs and cocoa, ice, and some frozen junk food for the girls and some bleach for the dishes. It is 8:00 PM now and the wind is dying down, as is the fire. Jackie and Shannon roasted marshmallows in it. We put the kettle over the fire ring grate and it almost came to a complete boil, which was handy for the dishwater. Now sure what we're going to be up against tomorrow. Crystal wants to get up early.
8:10 PM
Another family has moved into the north campsite and are busily setting up. They showed up in a blue minivan and appear to be a couple with a little girl somewhere around Jackie's or Shannon's age. The sunset is really great. There's a big mist over the ocean and the sun is making it glow with an orangish glow. I'm going to snap another sunset shot. I just saw that the family in the north site have a boy too, a little older than the girl, and another girl who is a teenager. They have a large cabin tent and have faced the doorway into the wind. They have a very large pile of equipment. The table in that north site leans more steeply than ours. I may try to prop up the end of ours tomorrow.
8:30 PM
The sun is down. Jackie and Shannon are coloring something and Shannon is creeping Crystal out by imitating the comic book store proprietor from the Simpsons Cartoon series, who incidentally, sounds exactly like a similarly nerdy and socially challenged comic book store proprietor in Athens, Ohio with whom Crystal and I became acquainted when we were in college. Crystal is trying to talk the girls into an evening walk around the campsite but they are not buying. Oops — spoke too soon — they changed their minds...more later.

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