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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Weatherman Stan Captain Absurd

You Let Me Complicate You

My internal DJ has gotten perverse lately. Frankly, I blame the people whose company I've been keeping lately, particularly a conversation almost a week old. I was sitting in my car in line in the drive through at The Clown (Ronald McDonald) this evening when my internal DJ started spinning the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. The thing was, it wasn't the Nine Inch Nails version. No, it was an imaginary cover by...David Bowie.

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I could go for a Sting version
with a reggae beat!

That one makes the wires in my head smoke...

I'm trying to listen hard and hear that one but then I start laughing and it falls apart.

at the still-point of destruction, at the center of the fury, I broke apart my insides!

Blast it all, you're giving my poor internal DJ a headache. I can map Sting's breathy voice onto Reznor's lyrics. I can map his voice onto a Reggae beat — that's easy and one need look no further than "Love Is The Seventh Wave" for a real example of it. Nevertheless, I cannot do both of those things at the same time! It's too unnatural! Auuugghhh!

Consensus between myself and zigdon is "hells yes."

Bowie needs a change of pace.

I'm almost convinced that it would sell.

Re: Bowie needs a change of pace.

i'm in agreeance

Yeah, that'd be kewl.

Yeah, that's the thing -- it's a perverse idea, but only at first.

You can almost believe it's already been done.


I came upon your journal, found you intriguing and wonder if I could add you to my list (as small as it is) of friends.


Help yourself. Nice to meet you.

Certainly. Feel free to add me.

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