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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

On the move

Okay, well, despite the date vs. the tag, it was Friday when I started this post. There's so much going on lately I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I've started three posts that I haven't put in here. Maybe I'll rectify that this week. Mostly what I've been doing at work is preparing to move to another part of the building. The company where I work has acquired a wing of our building previously rented to another tenant and is expanding manufacturing and some offices into that area. They're remodeling the entire building. Almost everyone in the place, except for some manufacturing people and one person who's office isn't changing, is moving to a new location within the building.

I'm moving from my place in one of the rear corners of the building to a corner in the front of the building. I am still in Cubicle Land though. The new cubes are nicer, and they have all new furniture in them, and you can lock the drawers. Those are pluses. I'm not quite sure I like the idea of two sides having those half-walls though. I suspect that may become distracting. All of the software engineers are very skeptical. Unfortunately, none of our opinions were sought before the cubes were ordered. Ah well, they look nice, and the good news is that I can still look out a window in the office across from where I'm sitting. We'll have to see how this works out.

This is the old cubicle. There's a few years of electronics accumulation in there. I started organizing this mess on Friday. I'm supposed to be finished moving into the new cube by Wednesday. There's not enough capacity on our network switch so they have to move the cables around when I move. I haven't scheduled that yet. I've moved all of the desk contents and the contents of the bookshelves. I haven't moved any of the switch controls, capacitor bank controls or the test equipment or my computer or phone.

This is a picture of the new cubicle. None of the software engineers are really happy about the low walls or the fact that the cube is laid out such that one's back is to the entrance. These things look like prime distraction sites. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, given that I don't really have a choice about the things. Of course one of the engineers, Rena, managed to get herself moved to a different cube in a corner of the building with two full walls at her back, so she's happy about that. I think she's being a tad demanding, but hey, if management will accommodate her, more power to her.

It was pretty nice today. Temperatures were in the 70's, which was nice, but it's supposed to get hot by the end of the week. The radio said this morning that we could see 100 by the end of the week. It's good to have a job indoors with air conditioning. Of course, I should get out in the air more. I think I'll take a walk tomorrow at lunch time. It's been more than a year since I used to walk around Marina Village on lunch hour. I should start out slow and work up again. I'll bet I'm out of shape for a hike. We'll see.

Today I acquired a bottle of wine. The bottle was a gift from Pauline, a lady at work who has recently been occupying an office nearby while in transition to a new office. She's a cute gal and a nice person but I don't hang out with her all that much and so I don't really know her all that well. Every time I talk to her I wish that were not really the case, because she's a cool person. Anyway, while preparing to move out of the temporary office she's been in for the past week or so she apparently came across a bottle of wine she'd got from somewhere but didn't want. She came over to my cube and said, "Do you drink? I don't. Would you like a bottle of wine?" So I took home a bottle of Tabernero Gran Tinto Reserve, which is apparently a 50/50 blend of Malbec and Merlot. It says on the bottle that it is Peruvian, from the Chincha Valley.

I already knew a little about Merlot grapes but I'd never heard of Malbec before, so I looked it up. I'm a total ignocenti about wine. Ever since coming to California, I've been very slowly attempting to remedy that. It's such an interesting topic, and everyone in this state seems to have some familiarity with it. I begin to suspect that they deport those who don't know anything about it. Heh. Anyway, I've been picking up a bottle of wine now and then when I go to the store. So far, I have found that I like some of the Cabernet Sauvignon wines, which probably marks me as a horribly pedestrian newbie with a naive palate. Eh, I don't care. I like what I like and the snobs be damned but I am curious about trying various things. It will be interesting to pull the cork on this one and taste what's in there. I'll probably have it with some lasagna.

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Mmm wine, or you could do like the Hindu and have coconut juice!

Nice to see you posting again.

Coconut milk is good. Can one ferment that?

It's nice to be posting! Thank you.

Look how messy your old cute is! Look how pristine the new one! And thank god for A/C! Is that a fan I spy in the old cube?

edit to read "cube", not "cute". But it is a cute cube, nonetheless.

I must admit, it's not without its charms and amenities. I'm reserving judgement until I am fully moved in and working in that environment.

Yes, that is a fan you spied in the old cube and it has moved with me to the new one. When one goes for a walk at noon when the temperature is above 90, one appreciates giving the air conditioning a little help!

Where are your offices, again? South SF? Don't you get any fog?

We're on the island, in Alameda. I'm sure that there's fog, but it's usually not there when I am.

Oh, right. Yes, you'd def need a/c + fan there.

(Deleted comment)
Ha! Especially since he frequently dresses like that, as well!

All right, now you're goin' the right way for a smacked bottom!

Dusts your tail feathers with my épée.

Edited at 2008-05-13 10:16 am (UTC)


so you noticed that, too?


You mean like this one?

Nah, too much grooming work required!

nice - a bottle of wine...

and - did you get your hair cut? it looks really nice...

Funny you should ask that...

No, I didn't get it cut. I had it shortened through the application of special hair-digesting bacteria! It's an entirely new and painless process.

Heh heh. Thanks for the compliment. It needed to get shortened!

i ask because i thought it was funny...

now is that application a gel or shampoo or glue?

You look quite handsome in your new digs!

The new offices do look nice and the remodeling is going well, so far.

Good to read you again!

Our cubicles look a bit like yours, but are more open (two people per cubicle bank, for the most part). The original plan was to have no cubicle walls at all, in a completely open "bullpen" style. In light of those expectations, these cubicles are substantially better.

When it comes to wine, you enjoy what you enjoy, and don't let the oenophiles tell you otherwise. From what I've read, there's nothing embarrassing about a preference for a nice cabernet, but if you find yourself liking the taste of white zinfandel, tell no one!

Open bullpen? How barbaric!

There are studies that suggest that the open bullpen style leads to something called peripheral vision stimulation psychosis. Just saying. Nobody who needs to concentrate for a living should have an officemate. That's just counter-productive.

Re: Open bullpen? How barbaric!

Hey! At least we don't have to wear button-down shirts, Mr. Formal Attire at work.

I greatly prefer having some private space at work, but my cubicle mate is a nice lady I've known since I've been with the company, usually very quiet (as am I), leans forward in her chair to change her shoes when she comes in (about 40 minutes after I arrive), and often shows cleavage while doing so.

So it could be worse.

Enquiring minds want to know.

Did it taste any good? ;)

Re: Well? We will drink no wine before its time...

I have not decanted it yet. I'll be sure and make a post once I do. I'm still thinking about something suitable with which to have it.

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