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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Montecristo Captain Quixote

Bad news: journalism continues to deterriorate, public amused

This morning in Alameda, while driving to work, I noticed a kid's red helium balloon blowing slowly down the middle of the middle of the street. Yes, the Nena song immediately came to mind.

I was poking around on Lew Rockwell's blog page this morning and saw where Lew noted that the LA Times had a story about a German paper company refusing to ship more paper for printing banknotes to Zimbabwe, where there is rampant hyperinflation. I love Rockwell's sense of irony. He noted that the LA Times story was headlined: "Lack of bank note paper threatens Zimbabwe economy." The joke is that this is analogous to a headline stating: "Dangerous Crack Shortage Threatens Health of Junkies". It's all funny papers now.

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In fairness, Count, journalists aren't the only ones who are economically ignorant. The latter are an overwhelming majority.

Yes, this is true, nevertheless....

If journalists won't tell the truth, or can't even figure out what it is when it is biting them on the backside then how can the U.S. republic be maintained? I submit that it cannot be maintained. I don't think that any smaller polity would do any better, individually, but given the increased competition and diversity of ideas that would arise in competing polities, smaller would be better in that it would be unlikely that all of them would fall prey to the same bad ideas at the same time. Smaller polities also have a much harder time of hiding their fiscal shenanigans from their constituents.

Re: Yes, this is true, nevertheless....

Not only can it not be maintained, but (and this won't be an unfamiliar argument to a fellow LRC reader) I'd submit that we went from republic to empire a long time ago, leaving us with little to maintain. If our fellow citizens can't be bothered to get informed in an age when it's easier than ever in history to find multiple sources of news, perhaps they don't even deserve to have the remnants of the republic maintained.

We agree, of course, that smaller is better. Uniform federal standards (and most such things are unconstitutional anyway) mean that moving from state to state gains you nothing.

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