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Big smile for the camera, how did we know, the moment could've been lost forever

Just for a lark, I logged onto Friendster this evening. I was browsing around and I popped over to visit the page of my friend Will. I've known Will since he was about four and I was enterting kindergarten. He lived up the street from me. He's a special effects artist in Hollywood now. I was surprised to discover that he'd posted an old picture of himself and my brother and I from the time when we were kids. The picture is from the late 70's, probably my freshman high school year, 1978-79. I was fourteen or fifteen when this was taken and my partners in crime would have been eleven or twelve. That's me on the left, my brother Stephen on the right, and Will in the middle. That picture is thirty years old. I have friends younger than that now. I have a daughter older than I was in that picture. It seems like so long ago. Those kids had no idea of the middle aged guys they would become.

Tags: exuberance, family and friends, pictures, reminiscence

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