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Montecristo Captain Quixote


The World Line of the Horizon Star

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world

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Schlock Captain Quidnunc

Believes the underdog will eventually survive

I spoke to my mom this afternoon and found out that Blake, my 13 year old nephew, is in the hospital and had his appendix out today after suffering an attack of appendicitis. He's doing okay now and will be in the hospital for the next three days and out of school this week. My brother called Mom to tell her the news this afternoon and asked if she wanted to come out and see him. My mom, who's not been out of the house in the last 48 days, still recovering from a nasty hip breakage and surgery told him that she couldn't make it, whereupon my brother relayed to my nephew, "She doesn't want to come." Sometimes my brother's lack of tact is shockingly funny.

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My goodness, life can be surreal at times. I hope they are both on the mend. Your brother sounds clueless, unintentionally so-- but isn't that what the word means by definition?!

Clueless or sometimes humor-impaired...

He may have been joking, with Blake or with my mother, or with both. It's hard to say. That fits my brother's style of humor. Sometimes you have to figure out if Stephen's joking or not. He likes to tease people.

You should ask your brother if Blake is still allergic to girls.

Sauce for the gander...

In the first place, I don't share Stephen's style of humor, for the most part. In the second, what did Blake do to deserve the collateral damage? In the third, that's Mom's battle, not mine. Heh.

Re: Sauce for the gander...

The story about Blake made me remember the story your mom tells about her having the girls and him in the car with her. They were pestering each other and Blake kept saying, "Grannie Baaaahrbie! Shannon's [doing $foo]!" They kept at it (like kids do) and Blake said he was allergic to girls.

Ask Barbie about it. She tells it better than I do.

Re: Sauce for the gander...

No Dear, that was Shannon complaining of Blake touching her in the car that day. He used to refer to Shannon as "The Little One." Did Mom ever tell you that one? I got him a get-well card at the grocery tonight. I post scripted it: "Don't pinch the nurses; they slap!"

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