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Robert (Bro. Pepper-spray of Reasoned Discussion)

I'm not crazy; I'm just a little unwell.

I woke up this morning and I suspected that I am getting sick. My chest was a little tight and tickle-y and I hacked up a lunger or two but nothing more so I went to work. As of this evening that can no longer be denied. As the day wore on I developed a very slight chill. I'm probably losing heat a little faster than normal from a low-grade fever. I'm a tiny bit light-headed and I'm a bit jittery and my joints ache. There are microscopic gnomes with hammers and chisels at work on my joints. So far it's in the knuckles of my right hand, both elbows, both shoulders, both hips, both knees and the bones in my right foot. I'm not coughing much, or bringing anything up at all and my nose is slightly stuffy but still clear. I may take a Tylenol or two later for the aches and chills but I've refrained from medicating so far. Hmm, it's been awhile, perhaps two years, since I've gotten sick. The timing is less than optimal. I have a meeting at work Friday.

So far, it's not bad enough to make me consider a day on my back staring at the ceiling but I should know more tomorrow. I'm not all that much into staying home, especially when I don't feel like doing much. It's boring when you don't even feel like entertaining yourself or getting stuff done. A few years ago I read about a franchise service called "Rent a Husband" which hired out people specializing in routine home maintenance, repair and improvement for people who don't have a lot of expertise in those areas and who want certain jobs done around the house. Sure, it's sexist, but so is statistics. Anyway, it makes me wonder if there is a corresponding "Rent a Wife" service. I don't need sex (at least, not right now), a sponge-bath, or even a massage, especially not from a stranger, but I'm thinking that if this gets significantly worse I could imagine being in the market for someone specializing in a little tea and sympathy, some hot soup catering, and possibly someone to converse with me or read to me. Heh. Most of the time I'm pretty good for being alone and independent. People have told me that I'm very self-contained, and some have intimated that I am too much so, but when I'm sick I like attention. The ex was just the opposite: she'd do things for you if you were sick. I miss her soups and tea service, heh. When she got sick though, outside of a few fetch-it requests she was content to crawl off into a corner to lick her wounds in solitude and she'd bite you if you doted on her too much. Crazy girl; I like feeling useful, especially when someone near me is feeling badly. Ah well, as long as I can concentrate and drive tomorrow...

I think I picked this up from Shannon. It might have been Jackie though; they're both sick with some kind of cold or something. I took a day of vacation on Thursday and went up to Sacramento for Shannon's school exhibition. She did pretty good. Sometimes it amazes me when I consider how much her poise, self-confidence, and coolness under fire have improved since she started in this program. She improvises well. I just wish she were a little better about preparation and follow-through.

A half an hour of conversation followed by half an hour of nap...

My cousin Lisa called just as I was finishing the last paragraph. She wanted to tell me about her computer and tell me about getting her security clearance to work for Govco. I don't like the idea of yet another person employed by the public sector but she's very proud of herself (rightly so) and it means a lot to her so I feel pretty good for her. I went in the bedroom to get horizontal and pull the blankets around me. We talked for half an hour and then I fell asleep afterward. I was intending to call my dad again this evening and talk some more. Today is his birthday. Fortunately, I had already spoken with him this morning. I conked out and woke up at ten, too late to call tonight. I wanted to stay in bed but I had to whiz and I needed to eat something. Getting out of the blankets made my teeth chatter. I took two 500mg caplets of Enditol in the bathroom and proceeded down the hall to the garage door to go get some cold Coke out of the refrigerator. The garage was chilly and my teeth chattered some more when I grabbed the cans of Coke but it doesn't make me chatter to swallow the cold liquid. Thank goodness for small favors. When I came back in I cranked the furnace set point temperature up from 70° to 72° and came out here to the den to type some more. While I was at the refrigerator I contemplated grabbing a Grommet Meal to nuke but didn't want to chance it on my feverish stomach. I got some Girl Scout cookies, Trefoils, and ate those instead. Good. I'm sucking it up. I have plenty of friends who have gone through things where they would have given their right arms to be "only" suffering from some cold. They're inspirational, and also I can feel the Tylenol kicking in on the chills and aches.

As the recently deceased Paul Harvey used to say: "Page Two"

I'm skipping the advertisement. The sponsors I don't have can sue me. As I said above, I picked this mess up from one or both of my offspring. After Shannon's exhibition she had classes until 4:00 PM so I went to Crystal's house and picked up Jackie. Jackie is learning how to drive, finally, now that she is in a position to pick up the insurance and costs of registering her mother's old car that her boyfriend is presently refurbishing. The kid is very mechanically inclined and knows his stuff. She drove us downtown to Crepeville, where we had lunch. They have great burgers and delicious desert crepes. It was a really filling meal. She handles the car well, even on the highway, considering she's not driven on the highway more than a couple of times before. I'm proud of her. Around 4:00 she drove us back to Crystal's house so that she could get ready and go to work and I went to go pick up the younger one from school.

Second verse, same as the first

When I picked up Shannon, I asked her if she'd like to go to dinner. When she found out that Jackie and I had gone to Crepeville for lunch, she wanted that too, so it was back there for seconds for me. This time I skipped desert. I got a tall diet Coke with my burger and Shannon begged a sip from it. I foolishly let her before realizing that she is full of germs as much as Jackie right now, so I let her have it all. For all the good it did me I might as well have drank after her. She had symptoms worse than her sister. She was more snuffly at the time.

10:50 PM: I think the Tylenol is taking the fever down a bit. I'm feeling a quite a bit better.

Thursday evening, after I got back home, I got a call from Jackie and she told me that she was not scheduled to work this weekend on either day for the first time in a long string of weekends. Her boyfriend was sick, and consumed with working on his car for the weekend, so she told me she'd be free to come to Livermore with Shannon for Saturday and Sunday. Being greedy for their company like I am I immediately made plans to pick them up Friday evening.

Jackie's cold had improved slightly but Shannon was less farther into the disease track and was still sneezing ferociously, coughing, and barking like an emphysematous mastiff and exuding all manner of noisome (and noisy) Lovecraftian fluids from her nostrils. Jackie drove us all the way to Livermore from Sacramento and did a most excellent job, even given that it was night time. Shannon spent most of the day Saturday in bed, playing video games so Jackie and I ran errands, picking up a some cold medicine, juices, and a prescription for Shannon, a card for my dad, some groceries, and getting some books at the book store: a Korean animé-thing called "Bride of the Water God" and a copy of the "Watchmen" graphic novel, which I last read over 22 years ago, back when I first met Crystal. I offered to get Jackie something to read but she wasn't interested at the time.

After the bookstore, Jackie and I went to Peets to get some coffee. About that time, Shannon called me and told me that she was feeling better and that she was going to have a shower and felt like catching a movie. While we were out, Jackie and I got into a conversation about "little kid movies" that Shannon and I sometimes like to watch. She told me that she wished that I would stop "protecting her" and taking her to kid movies. The last movie we went to see was Inkheart. I told her that at eighteen she was quite old enough not to have me censoring her movie watching and that at forty five I was quite old enough to be secure in my character to freely proclaim that sometimes, like her sister (and even her, truth be told) I personally enjoy some "kid movies". I think after going to see Watchmen with us any lingering doubts on that score about me "protecting her" from "adult concepts" has been put to rest.

We went back home and hung out until around 6:30 when Jackie drove us downtown to see "Watchmen." We all three enjoyed the movie. I may write about that later. Sunday we all hung out playing video games, snacking, and talking while I did the weekly laundry. Jackie drove us back to Sacramento late. We got there around 10:00 PM. All in all, it was a really good weekend, but sometime between Thursday and Sunday, the little trolls gave me their cold. There goes my iron constitution reputation for this year.

I'm feeling better, after the Tylenol, but tired and a bit wrung-out. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Going to bed.
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